Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chewing food 30-50 times Can Lose Weight

Have you chew food properly? Most people do not know the real benefits of chewing food thoroughly. For example if it does not chew the food properly food might not be digested properly.
Especially normally if you're in a hurry you too hastily chewing food in just minutes. For those who want to indulge in weight should be eating less when chewing food properly. In fact, the brain needs some time to realize how much food. When eating quickly the brain is not aware of it.
But when eating slowly chew the food properly then the stomach will feel full and eat less. This medical explanation: Chewing properly will give a signal to the stomach do the digestion. So that it can perform the necessary preparations.
* When chewing food properly saliva and teeth can break down food into manageable particles easier for digestion. The food was not properly chew might not be digested properly. green coffee menurut dr oz .
* Chewing food well will let you enjoy the actual taste.
Besides giving the body enough time secrete certain hormones such as leptin, ghrelin has an important role in the digestive process.
* Some studies claim any food should be chewed minimum of 30-50 times. But if a lot of time to chew food properly?
* People who chew properly tend to be healthier. If you plan to lose weight properly and chewing food thoroughly can help achieve goals more quickly. (*)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

4 Healthy Habits to Achieve Ideal Body Weight

4 Healthy Habits to Achieve Ideal Body Weight
No one wants to be obese. That is for sure. Unfortunately, lose weight up to the ideal stage it is not that easy for many people. Although, there are also people who do not seem difficult to lose excess body weight. What's the secret?
No need to guess. National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) and Global Healthy Weight Registry (GHWR) evaluate the health habits of their clients who successfully lose weight. This is their habits that:
1. They always sarapanSembilan of 10 adults GHWR successful in achieving their ideal weight is never skip breakfast, 78 perwen their success is determined olrh good habits.
Breakfast helps mrngontrol excessive appetite. People who eat breakfast tend to consume fewer calories than those who skip breakfast.
Select the menu healthy breakfast such as cereal or oatmeal or whole-grain bread with pieces of fresh fruit, eggs or grilled chicken breast / boiled skinless.
Scientific findings, published by the Nutrition Research said, people who eat breakfast oatmeal, weight and waist size smaller than no breakfast oatmeal.
2. Routine badanBerteman weigh the scales can be one of the keys to success in weight loss. Even 75% of registrants NWCR weigh at least once a week.
This allows them to take immediate action if the numbers on the scale seen moving up or stagnant.
Results from recent clinical trials show that people who weigh at least five days a week, can reduce the weight of about three times more than that are not routinely weigh.
3. They often BerolahragaBanyak studies show that diet plays a major role in weight loss programs. This does not mean you should not exercise.
Nearly 90 percent of those who managed to get in NWCR ideal weight, exercise 60 minutes every day, throughout the week. And 42 percent of clients GHWR who managed to lose weight, regular exercise five days a week.
If you do not exercise at all, weight loss results will not be satisfactory. Your muscles will be loose and not effective for burning fat.
4. They do not dietIni may sound hard to believe, but this is the truth. Those who successfully lose weight, sparse diet. In GHWR, 74 participants said they never or rarely diet.
They focus on the quality of their food choices (such as fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains), listen to the cues hunger and satiety submitted by the brain and the stomach, limiting the time watching TV (relax in front of the TV for too long can trigger the desire snacking), and rarely snack outside.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Important Factors That Affect Weight Loss Increase

Important Factors That Affect Weight Loss Increase
Every baby is born with different body weight, as well as with its growth. However, most babies will gain weight rapidly in the first three months. After that, weight gain will decrease, not as much as before. So, what factors affect infant weight gain?
According to dr. Wiyarni testifying, SpA, IBCLC, increase infant growth curve is not linear. There are phases of weight does not rise rapidly. In the first three months after birth, the baby's weight gain was "speeding", at least 700 grams per month or up to a kilo a month. But then the rise was sloped in the next three months "only" 400-600 grams.
"If it ramps, Mama do not expect gained 1 kilo per month. Ancer-ancernya infant weight at the age of 5 months of twice the weight at birth. While children aged 1 year old, weighs three times more birth weight. It roughly, "explained the child's doctor.
AspekBila influenced some baby weight has not increased, but rather decreased, please do not panic. Baby's weight is affected by many aspects, one of which received the baby intake. Well, the intake of this little one needs to be distinguished; Among infants under 6 months and children over 6 months.
If infants under 6 months, his weight did not increase, try to observe how their milk intake. Enough or not? For babies over 6 months with the same case, please pay attention to the intake of solid foods.
According Wiyarni, in infants under 6 months whose weight does not grow, do not quickly give vitamins, let alone adding the intake with milk formula. Not recommended also provide additional baby food.
"Research has proven nutritional needs of infants up to 6 months of age adequately met by breast milk. He does not need formula also does not require complementary feeding, "said Wiyarni.
Feeding too early are at risk, such as allergies, because the baby's digestive tract is still weak. In addition, if the baby gets extra food before the age of 6 months, automatically menyusunya will be reduced. In fact, breast milk provides many benefits such as immunity, and essential nutrients needed by the baby.
What to do Mama when the weight of the baby is not growing? Of course Mama should immediately consult your doctor to find the cause of the small weight did not increase it.
Doctors generally will figure out whether the way of feeding or eating little less precise, whether ASI / solid foods sufficient, or indeed any health problems in the child.
"If the problem is with the feeding, then the way that should be fixed. If the baby sick, the pain should be relieved. Mom who needs his mother's milk is not the maximum, can consult a breastfeeding counselor. "
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Crying Apart Lowers Body Weight, While Sih?

Crying Apart Lowers Body Weight, While Sih?


Jakarta, One expert said regardless of crying can help lose weight. Science can explain that claim, but doubts about it are also popping up. The claim that crying can reduce the body weight of which appears from the statement of Dr. Pete Sulack, which mentions weeping sound can relieve stress. Substitution hormone persist due to too fat metabolism in the body. One study at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center opened that tears contain some stress hormones such as prolactin, adrenocorticotropic, and leucine enkephalin. Everything is produced by the human body when there is in a state of stress, said Dr. Pete, taken from PopSugar, Sunday (24/07/2016). The shrinking of the stress hormone, according to Dr. Pete makes metabolic system switch. Time body feels more relaxed, accumulation of fat is more easily shrunk to lose weight. Read also: Quick Start Sleep accustomed since Infants, Children Not Easy Fat But in practice, the impact on the metabolism rated cry not how big. Health experts from Yerevan State Medical University, Dr. Robert Petros in his article on Livestrong mentioned by way of physical mengangis just burn fewer calories. In fact, he also reminded, sometimes crying too are signs of depression. Weight loss when a crying because depression may take place not because of the change of the rate of metabolism, but by the loss of appetite. Read also: Affected by Temperature and Cold Water Bath Help Lose Weight? This Word Expert (up / vit)



Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Berat Badan Ati Pasca Melahirkan Sukses Turun 21 Kg Karena Food Combining

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Berat Badan Ati Pasca Melahirkan Sukses Turun 21 Kg Karena Food Combining

 Bandung - Sama dengan beberapa besar wanita lain pasca melahirkan, berat Badan Ati Jevianti (35) sempat juga naik. Ia juga lalu mencari langkah supaya dapat kembalikan bentuk badannya seperti awal mulanya. Ati mengambil keputusan untuk mengaplikasikan pola makan food combining, yaitu menyeleraskan pada konsumsi pati, daging serta sayuran. Tidak sia-sia, berat Badannya sukses turun dari awal mulanya 68 kg jadi 47 kg lho. Tersebut paparan Ati pada detikHealth, seperti ditulis pada Jumat (5/9/2014) : Sesudah melahirkan anak pertama, berat Badan saya meraih 65 kg. Walau sebenarnya terlebih dulu cuma 43 kg. Keunggulan berat Badan ini selalu berlanjut hingga melahirkan anak ke-2. Ketika mulai hamil berat Badan saya ada di posisi 59 kg serta sesudah melahirkan bobot saya meraih 68 kg. Sudah pasti terkecuali tampilan saya sebagai tak menarik, saya memiliki keluhan-keluhan yang cukup mengganggu seperti sakit kepala samping, desakan darah tak stabil, cepat capek serta mengantuk, dan nyeri pada persendian. Disuatu peluang, saya menghadiri ikut undangan reuni kampus suami. Saya tidak berniat mendengar rekan reuni suami berkomentar mengenai saya yang kurang mengenakkan. Saya dimaksud seperti 'emak-emak'. Mulai sejak itu saya berkemauan untuk berdiet serta mengawali gaya hidup yang lebih sehat. Saya mengaplikasikan pola diet food combining serta saya susun menu per minggu untuk digerakkan. Pada intinya diet food combining ini menyesuaikan macam makanan pada pati, daging serta sayuran. Menu pagi saya mulai dengan minum satu gelas air putih dengan kombinasi buah lemon. Kemudian saya sarapan dengan makan 2 lembar roti plus olesan selai buah serta yoghurt. Lalu jam 10 pagi saya ngemil 2 buah apel/melon/semangka. Untuk makan siang, saya tentukan menu nasi + tumis sayuran/ikan bakar. Sesaat untuk sorenya saya makan buah potong atau smoothies pisang serta apel. Nah, makan malam saya umumnya menyantap sayur asem dengan ikan bakar tanpa ada nasi. Olahraganya saya berenang sekali dalam sepekan dengan durasi 1 jam nonstop serta sit up 20 hitungan sehari-hari sebelumnya tidur. Sesudah berkelanjutan dengan program ini, pada bln. ke lima saya sukses menurunkan berat Badan sampai jadi 47 kg. Keluhan-keluhan seperti migrain, desakan darah tak stabil serta nyeri sendi juga hilang. Badan saya juga merasa lebih enteng serta lebih bertenaga untuk mengurusi ke-2 putra saya. (ajg/vit)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Step Increase Appetite For a Weight Increase

Step Increase Appetite For a Weight Increase


Jakarta, Good morning Ma'am, I want to ask the question, why is my Body weight naturally decrease progressively until the so-called thin? Of the original 55 kg today to 40 kg. I also lost the taste and appetite Ma'am. How to restore my body weight and increase my appetite back? Thanks. Windi (female, 26 years old.) AzurakaniaXXXX @ yahoo. co. idTinggi 165 cm, weight 40 kgJawabanHalo Windi, appetite generally closely associated with psychological and physical state. Eg psychological state of stress but also to the eating disorder. Eg physical state no underlying medical condition that is not detected, such as anemia, celiac disease and lactose intolerance. The physical state that I say, if not detected in a preliminary way, can make some intestinal cells damaged by injury and ineffective absorption of nutrients as well as one among its symptoms are severe shrinking of the Agency, weakness and lethargy are also digestive problems (bloating, diarrhea). So my suggestion is Windi try for one week to the next note / remember what are the foods consumed and there some symptoms such as the above. Also could carefully anemia in the laboratory. When you have the results, we can give appropriate encouragement same results. If indeed there is anemia / celiac / lactose intolerance so recommended diet would be appropriate. If there are no so would diliat diets that exist today. For further consultation can contact me. Thanks. Leona Victoria Djajadi MNDMaster of Nutrition and Dietetics (Nutrition Specialist) from the University of Sydney. With a special interest in a diet program for oncology, cardiology, diabetes, gastrointestinal and life modification program diets. Caregiver Family Nutrition Clinic http: // www. klinikgizi. information /. Twitter Follow @Leona_victoria. (Hrn / vit)


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rely Menu Stew as well as fruit, Jennie Success Lower Body Weight 26 Kg

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Rely Menu Stew as well as fruit, Jennie Success Lower Body Weight 26 Kg

Banten - With body height 157 cm and weight 86 kg, Jennie Sanchia Firdaus (17) often feels uncomfortable. He also envied by some of his friends were easy to find the time to buy clothes size. Away from the argument, Jennie also willing to lose weight through how to change eating habits. He entrusted the side dish menu paced on the cob. A period of 6 bln., The weight drops from its humble beginnings 86 kg to 60 kg. The story, as written detikHealth on Thursday (21/07/2016): In the past I was actually the most indifferent to body weight, but then I felt uncomfortable with my body. I also envy my colleagues who can have nice clothes at affordable prices. The problem with body fat, I feel the price of clothes there in the market is expensive. Beyond that, I also felt must lose weight to protect my health. Moreover, my age is still so young. I am also looking for information about a healthy diet of social media and the internet, and then I see no public profile someone who successfully lose weight after having two children. My intention is also more rounded. My prefix eat less rice, but my weight slow downs. In the end I still consume carbohidrat, namely to replace rice with boiled potatoes. Each 9am I eat boiled vegetables with boiled potatoes companion, ungkep chicken, boiled eggs, and everything is stew. Then I also select a bowl of fruit snacks. In the afternoon I did jog regularly and zumba. I also avoid some greasy food, bersantan, and sugary. But in one week, I provide a day cheat day, where I can drink milk or eat ice cream, but the amount granted. Alhamdulillah in 6 mths. I successfully lose weight over 20 kg body growing. Currently I still protect my body so that no back fat as it once again to protect diet and doing regular exercise. Today, with new weights, I so easy to obtain clothes that I want and not sickly as they used to be. Read also: Consulted Yuk! Look Trick Vania Successfully Lose Weight 22 kg in 6 Months (ajg / vit)